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SunGate is a company known for its creative professional IT services that range from hardware to software. These facilities collectively work together to achieve optimum results. Our offer includes whatever it takes to get you to the top. Part of that includes digital marketing, which is something that creative professional IT service providers do best. This service is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail to communicate with the audience. It is as effective as paper marketing; however, statistics prove that it is about 78% less costly and 100% environmentally friendly. Email marketing is an effective and portable way to build a working relationship and improve brand recognition with your clients. With some analytics and properly thought out email campaigns, you can generate a measurable flow of traffic to your internet properties.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

There are several stages to an email campaign aimed at marketing. These stages range from the welcome email which thanks the recipient for subscribing to your feeds and updates, to emails that qualify a potential client of his interests to effectively categorize him according to his wants. Other types of emails send in notifications and direct proposals that pertain to a particular product or service that your company can offer. A newsletter that compounds recent updates that have occurred during the past few days, weeks, or months can also be periodically sent to keep your recipient updated even if he/she does not open his/her email regularly. This marketing strategy tool is a very useful asset for you; however, some individuals who are not experts at this can quickly turn your simple marketing campaign into a spam that as an alternative to drawing potential customers, it pushes them away. The key is to get the experts who know what they are doing and those who do their job with a proven track record of excellence and effectiveness.

The Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Construct a personal brand of expertise
  • Have a platform where recent updates about resources can be shared
  • Make use of the current client base to generate traffic to the website
  • Gather more leads through a newsletter subscription form on the website
  • Keep clients posted about recent interesting news and newly posted blog topics on the website
  • Encourage subscribers to visit different social media websites connected to our website.
  • Study users behavior through an email analytics report that

There is a science that governs search engines as we know it today. People type in keywords that are directly associated with items, information, and content that they are looking for. The search engine recognizes this and looks for articles, pages, sites, and what have you that have the typed keyword in the text contents. Once it finds these text contents; the search engine then displays a search engine results list that shows links that can take you to the sites, pages, and articles that carry the information that you need.

Get Yourself To The Top

Search engine optimization is a process of improving the quantity and volume of traffic to a website. The higher ranking a site is on the search results, the more likely it is to pop up when searched. At SunGate, we make sure that our clients achieve the necessary requirements to rank high in search results without them worrying about it.
How this meticulous process works?
This process of course requires a host of services and smart planning to execute a strategy that is fully adapted to your business objectives. To boost your online presence, you will first need to define your performance targets, then use that to conduct market research to evaluate the position you will take against your competitors. Sungate takes care of this entire process for you.
We firstly start off by finding the best keyword combinations to target. We then identify your key performance indicators to assess how your competitors are performing online. SunGate also looks for any elements that could potentially lead your website to be penalized on search engines, and we establish an action plan to help prevent any unwanted sanctions.

Getting to the top involves having the right keywords to be incorporated into your site’s contents. There are strategies and biddings that are involved in this. Hiring the best people to handle this for you, can give you a cost-effective way of getting the traffic that you need on the site and attain your business goals. This is what we call search engine optimization or better known as SEO.

How will SEO benefit your business

  • Significant increase in site traffic
  • Measurable performance feedback
  • More visibility over competitors
  • Measurable results
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