Top 8 ways how blogging can benefit you and your clients

03 October

Top 8 ways how blogging can benefit you and your clients

For many years now, computers have been revolutionizing communication through many forms; verbal, nonverbal, written and visual communication formsWe as Sungate believe that the written communication has become one of the most effective, time- efficient methods to bridge the gap between our clients and our team members. We believe in the importance of utilizing every method to better communicate with our customers. Blogging to us acts as a medium between our technological advancements and our clients. We chose blogging to be one of the official methods of communication because we want to ensure that our clients find it an easily accessible and efficient way to obtain information and address concerns.  In establishing our blogs, we realized that not only is it beneficial to our business, but also to our clients. Through observing the effects of blogging in social platforms, we came to the conclusion that it will benefit both parties through the ways we will discuss below.

1- Driving Traffic To Website

One of the most important goals of every industry is to boost its business’s clientele, or in other words, drive traffic to their website. This is something blogging will help a company achieve. By continuously adding topics of interest to your website, you are unconsciously reminding Google and other search engines that you are an active website. This eventually leads your posts to start surfacing with every google search, driving more traffic to your website. Businesses can also traffic off old blog posts over long periods of time as long as the post is still highly ranked in search engines and the clients are still being referred to them.

2- Improving Your SEO/ Monetizing Traffic

The more resourceful a blog is, the more traffic the website will receive, thus improving the business’s SEO. With more traffic comes more income. Search Engine Optimization of a company will result in increased traffic, which may attract others who would aim to make use of the website’s sidebars in promoting their products. By making this achievable, the company can monetize the traffic and generate a greater income.

3- HUB for your Social Presence

Another reason a blog may be beneficial to a business is the way in which it serves as a hub for business’s social presence. By continuously posting new content and linking the blog to the business’s social media, people can easily access these platforms such as Facebook, twitter, linked in and so much more. This would eventually keep clients well-informed and up to date.

4-Instant Marketing and publicity

Stemming from the previous point, by having a strong presence in social media platforms, the business will be appealing to a wider market of internet users that are constantly present on such platforms. Their interest to discover more about the website may notify another potential client, through Facebook notifications or tweets. Hence a blog can also be an indirect way for business to market and publicize its services.

5-Establishing Authority

If the company invests time and effort to maintain a successful blog that caters to the clients questions and concerns in a thorough and effective way, the business will be seen as an authoritative figure with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. This blog will hence be transformed from just another blog into one that is constantly referred to as a knowledgeable resource. Consequently, a business known for sustaining a successful blog will achieve a high credibility status that will improve its reputation and will give it a competitive advantage amongst other businesses.

6-Sharpening Your Sword

Due to the constant reliance on your website for information, your company will be motivated to sharpen its sword by staying up to date with technological advancements and further widen and improve its abilities to respond to clients in the most efficient and resourceful way. Not only will a blog portray the business’s knowledge, it will also allow clients to gain perspective on the business standards and visions, thus displaying a personal side of the business that will not be revealed otherwise.

7-Benefitting the clients too!

Some aspects of establishing a blog can be equally beneficial to both business and clients. Such aspects include adding hyperlinks to blog posts. This benefits each party on a separate note. The client’s benefit is that they can further access material pertaining to the topic within the blog. As for businesses, being able to provide these hyperlinks to their customers ensures that important pages of their websites are being accessed.

8-Long Term Benefits/ Establishing Connections

As mentioned previously, blogs provide long term benefits to businesses. As for clients, the option of accessing either old or new blog posts is always available via search engines. Blogs act as an active method of communication between businesses and clients. Clients are able to comment and provide businesses with immediate feedback which establishes a connection and provides networking opportunities to both parties. Businesses can also participate in the feedback section, providing clarifications to clients who seek them. This strengthens the professional relationship between the business and the clients and provides a foundation for future interaction with that business.

In conclusion, more and more companies realize the potential of blogging as a marketing tool. Sungate believes that establishing a blog is a good long term investment to the company for the many purposes we stated above. We have been helping our clients in Vancouver with these blogging services for those particular reasons. If not for anything else, a blog would bridge the gap between Sungate’s team and clients and provide a resourceful method of communication aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. By creating this corporate tool, you can portray to customers what your company is really made up of. Through this type of blogging, you can reach a new set of clientele that you would not normally reach through more traditional communication channels. If your corporate blog is set in the right way, it could act as a powerful tool for the marketing and promotion of your business.

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