Top 15 advantages of having a good IT partner

16 October

Top 15 advantages of having a good IT partner

1-IT as a strategic necessity

Information Technology services have seen several different changes throughout the years to respond to the excessive change in demands that we have witnessed. The present key issue that business executives usually have is that continuous technological advancements greatly increase expectations for IT companies to be one step ahead. This obviously adds one more item on their never-ending to do list. Technology is a very important feature in the world we live in today. It refers to the knowledge and utilization of techniques and systems in order to achieve a bigger purpose like developing in engineering and architecture; or like building robust civil structures.

2-Improving productivity

Similar to how these aspects needed technology to develop, businesses also need technology to thrive. Technology is what leads businesses to excel in their performance and gain a more efficient, competitive advantage in their fields. The benefits of technology can come at a price, and it is specific to those times that a reliable IT partner is needed. On the peak of advancing innovations stands an Information Technology specialist. For companies looking to improve their day to day productivity and flexibility, managed IT partnership is a huge bonus.

3-IT specialist is like no other employee

There are numerous benefits worth considering when an IT partner is the topic of discussion. The duties of an IT specialist exceed those of any other regular employee. This is due to the quick based nature of what they specialize in. IT technicians dedicate their lives to studying technology and understanding its short-cuts. You will find no better partner for your business.

4-Recognizing technological advancements

One of the crucial qualities required in an IT partner is having technical expertise and knowledge in the field of technology. It is very harmful for a business to have an IT partner who is unable to troubleshoot and address technical problems quickly, or cannot generate fast feedback in a time of crisis.

5-Differentiate yourself from other companies

A subgroup of having technical expertise is fully understanding the nuances of this fast evolving discipline; always having an eye open for technological advancements. By being closely cautious, these technological advancements can be applied to the business’s growth and development to provide you with competitive advantage in your field. This will therefore portray your company as one with a great set of expertise, which will differentiate you from other IT companies.

6-Long term partnership  

Another very important feature in good IT partners is being able to have them work with the business for an extended period of time, preferably throughout a period where they can evolve within and alongside the business. Changing partners can be a detriment to a professional business. After investing in that particular IT partner, losing them can be a waste of time and resources that a business might not afford to lose.

7-Your superiority within the market

A long term partner is an asset to the system. While working with the business long enough to know it’s restrictions, a long term IT partner can plan effective implementation strategies that can better improve your business’s services. Also, being part of the team for a long time gives them the credibility to offer good advice on how technology can be tailored to help your business grow. Of course, by exceeding all the expectations required of him, your partner’s conduct will reflect on the business’s excellence and superiority within the market.

8-Lifelong expertise benefitting you on the long run

Strong communication skills are necessary when talking about the efficiency aspect of IT partners. Being efficient is critical in this field, especially if you intend on growing your client’s business. As mentioned previously, IT partners dedicate their lives to understanding the ins and outs of technology. Their study of technology is as extensive as any other field of studying. So by implementing these lifelong expertise alongside strong communication skills, you provide your clients with more time to focus on their businesses while you efficiently perfect applying those expertise as recommended for your client.

9-Acting as an extension of your business

Regardless of all the benefits an IT partner provides, I believe being an advocate for your business is one of the essentials. An IT partner should be passionate about your business as much as you are. He or she should act as an extension, batting for your client’s company, providing effective and efficient solutions in times of need. This point goes back to relate to being a long term partner. A partner is more likely to be more passionate about your business, seeing they helped develop that business. So it is more likely your IT partner will genuinely advocate for your business if they have been part of it’s success for a long time.

10-Financial awareness

Last but not least, financial awareness is a skill that is not easily developed, but is probably one of the most important skills a business can have. In business, money is everything. Keeping track of what you need to spend and how you will make the best use of the money spent will drastically improve the efficiency of a company.

11-Outsourcing as a strategy to save money

Over the past couple years, the internet has been perceived to be one of the largest driving force behind most business. Alongside this increase, the outsourcing industry has also seen a massive upturn. Businesses usually have many reasons to outsource their services, but I believe the most important one is saving money. However, you can only save money through outsourcing if it is done correctly. In your hunt for the perfect IT partner, you might find that there are hundreds, if not thousands providing this service. They might all be good companies, but not legitimate ones. Being cautious of all the options are essential if you want to be saving more money then you spend.

12-Prevent outsourcing disasters

Outsourcing disasters are pretty common, so it is essential to be cautious to start with. Needless to say, a good outsourcing service can lead to substantial savings. These can come from increased focus on your own company as your partner takes care of all your outsourced services. Another benefit is that by having your extensively skilled IT partner, you can save yourself the cost of having to hire and train staff, which costs a considerable amount of money. By already having that set of expertise on staff, you save a lot of money. Also, by being able to put your time and effort into providing for your clients, you will definitely meet happier and more grateful clients who will develop a dependency on their favorite business, which is of course, you!

13-Staffing Flexibility

Every hiring decision you take affects other hires you’ve already made or will make. No hiring should be made without thinking about your overall short and long term business priorities. By having a flexible tactic that is used to staff your management, you can generate more funds to your business.

14-Risk Management

By having a reliable IT partner, you can prevent risks such as having most of your professional staff leave or quit all of a sudden. IT partners can be your back-up plan that can provide you with a level of continuity and at the same time provide you with security from such risks.

15-Corporate Values are a must

To ensure a reliable IT partner, they should have some corporate values integrated in their technical approaches. The first and most important in our view is commitment. Our promise to the client is more important than the service we provide. If we keep our promises, you can guarantee a steady client base. Additional values that should be incorporated into our client interactions is honesty and integrity. We should be able to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said. Having an open professional relationship is an advantage to both the client and to the business. It strengthens the bond between the client and business and also sets a foundation for future interactions. Practical innovation is also quite important. This is based on the business’s ability to create a vision that meets the evolving needs of both individuals and organizations.


In conclusion, there are quite an extensive number of factors considered when hunting for the best IT partner. There are factors that impact the productivity and flexibility of a business. There are drawbacks that eventually reflect back on the company. There are also values that can affect whether you are seen as a credible resource or not. These are all seen as aspects that interfere in the selection process. Furthermore, when a credible IT partner is located, you can assume that all the values stated above will be implemented in your professional interactions. Moreover, one last question that needs to be addressed is: “what’s in it for you”? So, to that I answer: increased efficiency, generated revenue, a boost of success, and financial profit.


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